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Engaging Patients Living with Substance Use Disorders

Tuesday, Oct 1

8:15 am – 10:10 am

Lane County Public Health 

151 W 7th Ave, Room 258


Jim Winkle, MPH
Oregon AETC

People living with substance use disorders (SUDs), including people who inject drugs, often delay seeking health care and underuse healthcare services overall, despite bearing a high burden of infections and overdose. Engaging with health care is an opportunity to reduce their risk of illness and death, as well as begin a pathway to recovery.

Jim Winkle, MPH has trained hundreds of clinicians how to address substance use with primary care and emergency medicine patients. As the creator behind the sbirtoregon.org website, Jim has designed clinic tools, screening applications, and video demonstrations adopted by clinical team members around the country.

Clinicians and other health professionals are welcome to attend this free training event, which will improve the ability of attendees to:

• Discuss the role of stigma in building rapport with patients with SUDs

• Describe how a Harm Reduction approach applies to patients with SUDs

• Apply a Harm Reduction-informed model of motivational interviewing with patients with SUDs

Breakfast will be provided for all attendees who register.

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