LGBTQ+ Meaningful Care Conference

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The Oregon AETC is a proud community partner of the LGBTQ+ Meaningful Care Conference, Recordings from the 2018 LGBTQ+ Meaningful Care Conference sessions will be available on this website by May 15, 2018.

SOGI-Affirming Organizational Change: Improving Processes to Better Identify and Serve LGBTQ+ Patients Kate Cooper, Margot Presley, DNP, FNP-C, and Scotty Scott

The Physiology of Oppression, Addiction, and the LGBTQ+ Lived Experience  Lydia Bartholow, DNP, PMHNP, CARN-AP

Working with Trauma Survivors to Find Stabilization in Unsafe Times  Amanda Antenucci, LCSW, MAC

Trauma Informed Care in Practice at the Multnomah County HIV Clinic Maria Kosmetatos, FNP

LGBTQ+ Health Care Access in Rural Oregon  Jeff Williams

LGBTQ Family Building Options Paula Amato, MD

Does Stigma Toward Anal Sex Impede Engagement of MSM in HIV Services and Sexual Prevention Strategies Bryan Kutner, PhD, MPH

Taking on Big Tobacco, Alcohol and Soda to Reduce Risk Factors Affecting the Health of LGBTQ Communities in Oregon Regina Washington, DrPH, Ashley Thirstrup, and Juan Carlos Vega, MLS

PrEParing Providers: The Landscape of PrEP Access and Patient Experiences in Oregon Christina Sun, PhD, MS, Kirsten Anderson, and Miles Fletcher

LGBTQ+ Veterans and Servicemembers, Serving Those Who Served Rebecca X. Casanova, LCSW, MPH, Nathaniel Boehme, MS

Care Planning and Assessment in Support of Trans/GNC Patients Jess Guerriero, MSW, MA and Christopher Hamann, MSW, CSWA

Keys to Ensuring That Your Healthcare Setting Never Misses an Opportunity to Recognize and Treat an STI Alicia Knapp, BS, Josh Ferrer, and John Nusser, MD

PANEL: Long Term Survivors of HIV “in our own words” Amy Anderson, Maricela Berumen, Michael Stewart, Robert Miller, and Michael Thurman

PANEL: Gender Affirming Care Across the Lifespan: Care for Non-Binary Patients Neola H. Young, Annah Shapiro, ND

Body Sovereignty: Embodying the Intersections of Fatness, Queerness, and Indigeneity and Resource  Guide Shilo George, MS

Gender & Hormone Sensitive Tumors for the Gynecologist - Mitzi Hawkins MD